Vehicle to Load (V2L) and Vehicle to Home (V2H)

September 2021 UPDATE

I’ve decided to close the EV Siphon Shopify store. I’m leaving the page up for any ongoing customer support, and to sell remaining inventory. Please contact me if you interested in purchasing any units without warranty or support.

For those of you new to this site, I previously had an online store to sell Setec V2H systems in the US market. I've decided to spend time on other activities, but want to make sure existing customers can still reach me and also to share any info on my learning from implemeting V2L and V2H over the last few years.

I've posted some videos and info on my experience and experimentation. I'm always open to connect to others that are interested in pushing this technology forward.

Vehicle to Home (V2H) and Vehicle to Load (V2L) Overview

There are currently very few product on the market globally, and even less options for the US market for V2H or V2L systems. This information is my experience based on the 3kW Setec V2H unit. I have also modified one of the systems to connect to a transfer switch with a critical load panel for emergency back up.

The Setec V2H device uses CHAdeMO for discharging, meaning for the US market it works with the Nissan LEAF and Mistubishi Outlander models that have a CHAdeMO port.

Why would you want to discharge your car?

Think of it as an alternative to a gas generator that can use the massive battery inside your EV.

There are hours of clean energy stored inside our electric vehicles - now you can access it to power home appliances. The Setec Power Vehicle to Load (V2L) device enables access to your EV battery. Use your vehicle for clean, quiet energy instead of a noisy and dirty gasoline generator.

- No noise

- No harmful carbon monoxide (CO) emissions

- No oil changes or stale gas

How Does it Work?

Your EV battery operates with DC electricity at 400 volts. Your household appliances run at AC electricity at 120 volts. The inverter inside the Setec unit taps into your EV battery through the CHAdeMO port and converts it from 400 volts DC down to 120 volts AC.

How long does it last?

Depends on your battery and how much load, but a 24kWh LEAF battery can run a fridge and small loads for several days. See the FAQ.