I've probably spent way too much time trying to connect electric vehicle batteries to the grid. Over the last decace I have worked to discharge electric car and bus batteries. At Nissan, I led the first V2G project for the company globally and then powered the first concert (that I'm aware of) with a Vehicle to Load (V2L) setup. I moved to Mercedes-Benz to connect EV batteries to the grid without the wheels on with as stationary energy storage. Next at Nuvve, a V2G aggregator, I helped develop and deploy 1MW of V2G school bus depots. I'm now at Kaluza, a Vehicle Grid Integration software platform. For more detail you may contact me here or at my consutling website www.v2gsolutions.com.

EV Siphon is a site to share my passion for V2H with others interested in the space. Please feel free to connect with me below, or share information if you see other developments in this space.

Some project I've worked on in the past

Kensington Presents - V2H concert

V2G School Buses