EV Siphon is a site to share my passion for V2H with others interested in the space. I keep busy with several other startups and a charging station company, Renu Charging. I started Renu Charging with a former colleague as we saw there was a need for a good, cheap charging station that provided what EV drivers actually need. We offer the charging station we want, and would recommend to our friends and family. Please feel free to connect with me, or request a discount code for Renu EV charging stations and accessories. 


I’m also in the process of creating a networking group, Supercharged. Stay tuned for more details. 




I love cars and the car business and been in the industry for 20 years. At Nissan, I led the first V2G project for the company globally and then powered the first concert (that I'm aware of) with a Vehicle to Load (V2L) setup. I moved to Mercedes-Benz to start their energy stationary storage business unit. At Nuvve, a V2G aggregator, I helped develop and deploy 1MW of V2G school bus depots. I'm now at Kaluza, software provider enabling telematics based smart charging. In my free time, I’ve been working with several startups including ReJoule and Epic Charging.  

My day jobs

Residential EV charging stations and accessories

advanced battery state of health diagnostics

EV charging fleet management software


EV Professional Networking Group

Advisory and consulting practice