CHAdeMO Vehicles

Nissan LEAF - Gen 1

Model Year 2011-2016

For US, only Model Year 2013+ with CHAdeMO Port. (2011 and 2012 are not capable of export power)

Nissan LEAF - Gen 2

Model Year 2017-2023

V2X added to warranty booklet for MY2020+, but no approved systems anounnced to date

Mistubishi Outlander PHEV

All vehicles have CHAdeMO

Toyota RAV4

Works with JdeMo conversion

CCS Vehicles

Ford Lightning F-150

Proprietary with SunRun

Many announcements by GM, VW and others but none on the road yet


Hyundai Ionic 5

Kia EV6

Lucid Air


Ford F150 Lightning


They went for both DC-V2H and AC-V2L

Mistubishi Outlander again

Higher trims have a 1500watt 120Vac outlet in the back