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This site is a resource for all things Vehicle to Home (V2H). This is a collection of notes, links, articles and other info to help share information and demystify V2H discharging EVs. 


V2H, V2B, V2G, V2X or whatever you call it, is energy storage. Most questions about V2H can be answered by looking at the stationary energy storage market. The key difference being that you can tap into the electric vehicle battery instead of a stationary battery. Assuming the vehicle is parked, which is about 94% of the time for most vehicles, the main challenge is how you tap into a highvoltage battery through a charging cable to access the energy. Tapping into EV batteries for energy storage opens a whole new world to integrate more renewables to the grid.  Dive deeper here on for definitions, explinations of AC-V2H, DC-V2G and the different charging standards.  

Overview + Definitions

Vehicles and Charging Stations

Beacuse of the different the vehicle charging standards and variance in global electric grids, there is not uniformity in which vehicles are capable of V2H. These sections provide an overview of the current vehicles and charging stations with this capability, with a goal to track the latest information in the industry. 


tracker of EV models


tracker of bidirectional charging stations

Setec V2H / V2L unit

This site was originally to sell the Setec 3kW and 6kW system. EV Siphon is no longer selling the system; however, wanted to share information for those interested or using the product. This section is an archive of the previous site. 


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