Demo Videos

Here are a collection of videos from the EV Siphon youtube channel that shows different tests and applications.

V2L demo

Simple demo of how to use Setec unit for V2L function

V2H transfer Switch

Set up of V2H by using a transfer switch with critical loads

Mistubishi outlander v2L Test

Testing V2L with an Outlander

2018 Nissan LEAF V2L Test

Testing V2L with a second gen LEAF

Max Amp Test

Testing max capacity of the 3kW Setec V2L unit

Max amp Test

Testing maximum amperage of 3kW Setec device

charge / discharge test

trying to charge and discharge a LEAF at the same time

Nissan V2L Concert

Powering a concert with a Nissan LEAF in Los Angeles (2015)

Test with JdeMO upgrade from QC Charge